Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally found my charger!

I finally found the charger to my Nikon D-40 camera! It has been missing for months. I finally gave up and assumed Brandon had secretly found it and threw it away without me knowing (just like his daddy's ps3 controller). I started looking on eBay and found the same charger for about 8 bucks. Of course, knowing me I got all excited and couldn't wait to get back into my photography obsession once again. When my husband came home I told him about it and he agreed to get it for me. Since I'm incredibly impatient i decided to look for my old charger one last time before I ordered another one online, and well I FOUND IT! It happened to be in my bottom dresser drawer in a small hello kitty bag where i kept other wires and chargers. Whew, i was so relieved!! I rounded up my kiddo and Husband and took them to the park for a mini photo shoot. The time of year isn't so good because all the plants are dead, but I still love my camera. Oh how I missed thee!

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