Friday, November 25, 2011

I am blank because...

Yes, I just posted a blog a little while ago.
but since I probably won't be posting tomorrow due to the fact
it's my son's birthday party, I thought I would post just one more.

This post is inspired by mommy....a work in progress.
It looked like so much fun, so I couldn't resist!
I'm weird because... 
I make sandwiches with rice crispy treats and cheese its and call them "rice its".
I nicknamed my son monkey.
I must have all my food super spicy to the point it hurts my mouth
I like to take pictures of my shadow.
I still love kids cartoons.

I'm a bad friend because...
I hate talking on the phone.
I live to far away to visit them.
I have a different lifestyle than all my single friends.
I'm usually busy.

I'm a good friend because...
I love my friends dearly.
I'm a good listener.
I love with my whole heart.
I love to make them laugh

I'm sad because...

My little boy is growing to fast
I still haven't lost the last 10 lbs of baby fat!
I got a stupid pimple right before the party.

I'm happy because...
I have the best family in the world!
I am blessed with so many things
I am going to start college this January
My whole family is blessed with good health.

I'm excited for...
Brandon's party tomorrow!
Watching Brandon growing everyday.
Christmas time.
Once day owning our own house.
The future.

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