Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day Three: Clouds

It's another ugly day outside folks.
Total bummer.
No photos of pretty clouds today...
So I'm using a photo I took two weeks ago.
Is that cheating?

Probably, but all well.

I hope I'm not seriously boring you guys to death with this photo challenge!
I encourage all of you to take this challenge with me.
I think It would be super fun :)


  1. Not boring at all. I find myself taking pictures of pretty nature scenes myself these days! Never in a million years would I imagine doing so. LOL!

  2. Oh Viki, I'd really like to join this photo challenge of yours, but I already joined style scrapbook's flash series- my countdown to Christmas. You might like to see my first flash series on my blog. I might join your photo challenge after my flash series for another countdown. perhaps, countdown to new year? I like the color of the clouds in this video by the way...