Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Story

Another Christmas has come and passed,
but I have to say this year was the best yet. Brandon was finally old enough
to get excited for "Santa" to come.

On Christmas eve we went to my parents house to make some
Delicious tamales. Lets just say it took...oh well a little over 12 HOURS!
The time seemed to fly by though, we listened to Christmas music, and snacked on some sweet treats that I made, like....
M&M Pretzel Bites
Peppermint Bark, made with white chocolate and peppermint candies.
White chocolate covered pretzels
& of course....
My Grandma's super secret recipe, sugar cookies!!!

Then finally the tamales were done!
The house was filled with their intoxicating aroma.
Of course we made much more than what you see in the photo.

When the night came to a close and Brandon fell fast asleep,
Gabriel and I snuck out into our living room and pretended to be Santa...
Let me just say, we totally rocked at it!!
This is what our living room looked like...
He was so surprised in the morning.
I just loved seeing his smiley face!!!

What did I get you ask???
Well my amazing husband bought me...
Yup, that's right a super cute Hello Kitty steering wheel cover for my Blazer.
Did I mention it's glittery?

He also bought me a super awesome new point and shoot camera.
(to replace my old outdated one)
A Cannon PowerShot SX130 IS
I absolutely love it! My husband knows me so well.

Our Christmas was simple amazing this year.
We are all so blessed in every way!

I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed the holiday.
Now, who is excited for the new year!?

I know I am :)


  1. What a cute little story :)

  2. thats cute :) good job

  3. Aww, looks like you had a great Christmas!! And those treats look so tasty, yumm.

  4. Merry Christmas to you too! Oh, and those tamales look delicious! I have always wanted to learn how to make tamales!