Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 things to do on a dreary cold day...

Find maybe the largest tree in Texas.

Come up with a convincing story to get your kid to sit on a bench 
to snap a photo.

 Get sneaky and take random attack pictures of your spouse :)

Watch squirrels eat nuts in a tree...

Annoy your younger brother by making him pose for pictures.

And just maybe if you're lucky you will get to....

Take a fire truck out for a spin!
(Photo credit goes to my husband)


  1. Hahah, great photos, and love the captions!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

  2. What a lovely day! Hey Viki! I was given to "Kreative Blogger Award" by a fellow blogger and I passed it on to you;)

  3. haha i didn't know that ur about to give me the same award... but thank u too anyway. nice to feel the connection between u and mary and me. great building friendship with u all. Most of the blogs I included in the post are actually bloggers I feel connected with.