Friday, May 4, 2012

Best Photography Apps!

I love to take pictures everywhere I go but sometimes, like in the Texas heat, I just don't feel like lugging around my big ole' camera bag along with me. That's when my camera phone comes in handy. Thank God in this day and age the camera phones are actually pretty good at
taking snap shots. It puts a whole new spin on "Instant" photography.
I simply love the perfectly "imperfect" quality the camera phone brings to the digital world.
I think it gives the photos character and uniqueness, as well as a nice vintage style to it.
As the digital photography world is expanding to whole new levels, I'm always on the lookout for cool new photography apps on the android market. Of course Instagram is the most popular, and by far the best for sharing photos, here are my two favorite apps I use to edit my mobile photos and post them on Instagram.
I hope you feel free to try them out for yourself.
Happy snapping guys :)

1. SnapBucket.
Remember Photobucket from the Myspace days? Well it has changed quite a bit recently.They have gotten away from the immature audience of myspacers, and started focusing a little bit more on the artsy photography side of the internet. Now on Photobucket you can edit your images right after you upload them. But I found something even better. Photobucket released an app called snapbucket. You can use all kinds of filters and effects to enhance you mobile photos. It makes sharing them to you computer so much easier than instagram because you can view them on It's a great app, and tons of fun to play with.
Pink daisysSunset

2. Pixlr-O-Matic
I know, such a weird name, but I promise this little app is quite amazing!
It has so many features, and you can even unlock many different effects.
It was the first app I downloaded to edit my mobile photos with and to my surprise I fell in love.
I thought with such a wierd name it was probably cheesy, but nope, it's great!!
Give it a try for yourself :)

Carnival fun

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  1. Beautiful pics! I will have to try those apps out.