Monday, October 31, 2011


Yup, another Halloween has come to pass. This was my little monkeys 3rd time trick or treating and it just seems to get more fun as the years pass.

Let me just back up a little bit and talk about this day of Halloween....

First things first, I started the day off in a bad mood. Despite my crankiness though I made Gabriel drive us on over to my moms house. We always go trick or treating in her neighborhood, because well, it reminds me of my childhood. Yeah, i'm a tad bit selfish. *evil grin* Muahahaha!
Instantly after arriving at my moms, things start getting hectic. The kind of hectic where your rushing to get everything done at once, and nothing I mean NOTHING happens the way you want it to. Yeah. Not fun!
Our list went something like this.

Drive like a bat out of hell to pick up my brother David.
Get home and finish carving pumpkins.
Make dinner.
Get ready for trick or treating.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well not to this family! While my brother and I were cleaning out the pumpkins I decided I wanted to bake some pumpkin seeds! *Sigh* I don't know why I always wait to the last minute for these things. So this is what happens....let me set the scene.

Gabriel, David and I are sitting at the picnic table. David is carving a pumpkin, Gabe is eating his enchilada dinner, and I am surfing the web on my phone trying to find a yummy recipe for my pumpkin seeds.
*(This is the part where you start to wonder where Brandon is)


The sprinkler turns on! Right. next. to. the. table.
Water goes everywhere.
David jumps up and screams like a girl.
I Jump and cover my phone.
& poor Gabe? Well his ice tea fall all over the place.

Brandon had turned on the sprinkler while we weren't looking. Boy did he ever think that was funny! 
Over all though we managed to finish everything in time and take Brandon trick or treating. We all had a great time! Brandon loves all his candy! I'm hiding it tonight though. Shh!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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