Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Photo Blast.

Saturday was a great day for some terrible sunburn fun!  Brandon and I tagged along with my parents and brother David who happens to be a total air plane freak, to the Air show at Randolph AFB. I managed to snag a few cool photos, and make some funny captions in Brandon's point of view!

Look Mom! The tires are almost as big as me! 
The air planes are smokin'
Air planes? Psh, I think I see some dirt and grass I can throw on mama!
No Mama! I didn't throw dirt at you, it was the gecko!
Is it just me, or did everyone get a lot smaller?
You know, Grandma makes a pretty nice chair.
The best part of my day! Dirt!
Hey mama, can I fly up there?
But mama! Baboo gets to ride on the air plane! Why can't I?
Mama! I'm on the bus!!!

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