Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sand Monkey (or maybe not)

Yup, yesterday was a great day for Brandon. He was surprised (by Gabriel & myself) with his very first sandbox. It originally wasn't suppose to be a surprise, because Brandon always goes with us to the store. Somehow in the process he fell asleep. I can't complain though. He gave up naps around the time he turned 1 so I take what I can get when it comes to nap time. Anyway, We managed to get home and pour the bags of sand in before he woke up. 
SURPRISE! "Brandon what's that!?" I ask.
"Turtle." He says, looking a bit confused, or maybe just sleepy. Then he see's the sand.
"Sand in there!" He says. 
"That's right Monkey, it's sand" I tell him. He rushed over to touch it, and gets his hands covered in sand. "Yuck!" he says, clearly grossed out. (The sand was sort of wet from being left out during a rain storm at the store. We all know how wet sand sticks to you.) Well, it turns out Brandon is a bit of a clean freak, just like his mommy. After countless tries he absolutely refused to stick his feet in the sand, sit in the sand, or even touch the sand with his hands. Instead, he sits outside the sandbox in the grass only using the utensils to touch the sand, careful not to spill ANY on himself. What happened to the idea that kids like to get messy? I can't help but smile when I think about it though. So small yet he has such a huge personality! Hopefully one day (perhaps when the sand is dry), he will learn to get a little messy for the sake of fun! 

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