Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The funny side to writing...with a toddler

Writing with kids is never easy, heck sometimes it can be downright exhausting. It's a wonder how us mommy bloggers even accomplish it.
I don't know about all the other moms out there, but my blogging sessions usually go something like this...

I sit down at the computer, with all these amazing ideas,
place my finger tips onto the keyboard,
and then it happens...
"Mama! Mammmaaaa!"
I hear a distant voice calling.
No this can't be happening I think to myself, He was so content 5 seconds ago! Why does he only call me when I sit down to write!!
So I get up to see what he wants and just like that, he seems to be perfectly content again, a big smile on his face. Baffled I walk back over to the computer, trying to remember all my fabulous ideas.

Just when I sit back down and start to remember what I was going to blog about, a little finger will come and tap me on the shoulder. "Mama. Food" Brandon will tell me. Alright son, I suppose I can get up again, at least this time you actually want something. So I proceed to make him a snack then place the plate in front of him. He decides he doesn't want a snack anymore. You have GOT to be kidding me!

Finally, Brandon found something entertaining to keep him busy while I finish writing. I take advantage and start blogging, just when I start to get really into it...I began to wonder...Why is the house so quiet? What is Brandon up to this time? It's been nearly 30 minutes. I stop writing, and get up to check on him.
This is what I find.

After I finish cleaning up that mess, I sit back down at my computer and start feeling guilty.
Maybe I'm not spending enough time with him. I must be the worlds worst mother!
He is acting out like this because I am neglecting him!
So I rush off the computer and start to shower him in hugs and kisses and dance around
the room with him to some silly music.

A few hours later, while Brandon is having his quiet time watching a movie, (he won't take naps)
I sit down to finish my blog post.
I stare at a nearly blank screen, and try to rummage up some of my good ideas from earlier today.
Then the little voice in my head start to worry me.
He is too quiet in there. You better go check on him. The room is probably a disaster by now.
So every five minutes, I pop right back up off my chair, just to make sure, he is still in fact watching his movie.
Then eventually give up the thought of ever coming up with a decent blog to post for the day.
No one even reads my blogs anyway, I should just post up some pictures of my day. Or is that too lazy?

Sometimes, I think I'm lucky to write anything at all!

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