Monday, November 28, 2011

Out of focus!

So we put up the Christmas tree last night! It was the first year Brandon was old enough to actually help decorate it. We gathered around the tree and placed our favorite ordainments around it. I will cherish that memory forever!

I also took some "out of focus" pictures of our tree.
I just love the way it look with the lights all sparkly and colorful!


  1. Hi Viki! Blogger Jonquil of A Whimsical Christmas is hosting a Christmas tree contest for the first time. After reading this post, I thought you should join the contest and submit a picture of your Christmas tree. I'm actually worried about not be able to submit before the deadline' because I haven't put up our tree yet, but you can viki!

    anyway, thanks fo stopping by my blog. and yeah it was pretty hard for me to say no to my favorite junk foods, but i must.

  2. They look quite nice actually, very good.