Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas in November?

So I decided to take a trip to the mall today. And surprise, surprise. The whole place is decked out in Christmas gear. That's right folks, Christmas stuff, in NOVEMBER! Early November at that. Am I the only one confused about this? Is there a shortage on turkeys this year and they decided to just go ahead and skip thanksgiving dinner?
I was raised to celebrate thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December.
 When did this change?
Why was I not notified?
Is it possible that it's always been this way and I just over looked it?


I'm so confused.

*shakes head*

Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. Christmas trees in all the store windows. Giant jiggle bells hanging from the roof. Christmas music playing in the background. 
FOR. CRYING. OUT. LOUD!!! Santa is even sitting in his chair taking pictures with kids!!!!
And I swear I saw a house with Christmas lights on on the way home.
Good grief people!

What happened to the turkeys?

Where in the hell are all the pilgrims and Indians?

Why is no one talking about "giving thanks" to all the good things in life?

Everyone is in such a rush to get into the "Holiday Spirit" we have completely forgot about Thanksgiving.
It's not only about the food guys. It's about slowing down and thinking about all the things you should be thankful for. It's time to enjoy life, family and amazing food.
Do you remember all those cute thanksgiving crafts we used to do in school for Thanksgiving day? Like making place-mats out of paper, and turkey's with our hands? Don't you all miss that? 
Why not teach our kids to be thankful for the small things life, not just the big fancy toys "Santa" brings on Christmas. Sometimes as parents we forget the small things. That's why November is important. It's the month of thankfulness. 

What do you think about Christmas stuff in November? (Comment below, you can even be anonymous if you wish.)


  1. I completely agree with you - it is way to damn early for Christmas decorations/music/Santa. It frustrates and annoys me beyond words.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I'm glad somebody agrees! And thank you for stoping by my blog.

  3. Well, in my part of the country, there was a mixture of Halloween decor and Christmas this year for a while! I DO have a theory about it, though: You can't commercialize Thanksgiving... it's not ABOUT gifts, but being thankful for them. The stores just don't know what to do with that! :o)

    Take care!


  4. I never even thought of that KW. You can't really commercialize thanksgiving. The stores are just trying to promote their products. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will return the favor :)

  5. Uh-oh!!! You may no longer like me after I say this ... but I am "one of those" that puts my Christmas stuff up early. The second weekend in November to be exact (yep ... it will be going up in just a few short days).

    There is something about my home feeling all "homey" and "warmy" that I literally can not wait for December. Literally. I just love this time of year and the way my children light up when the stuff gets hung.

    Yes ... my husbands tries to convince me every year to wait a little bit longer. But considering I use to put it up the day after Halloween ... and am now the second weekend in November. I think I have came a long ways. *giggle*

  6. Me not like you?! That's ridiculous! :) I know how exciting Christmas stuff is too! I just like to wait until the day after thanksgiving. Having a Christmas tree with a little monkey around is kind of just asking for trouble!! hahaha!