Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three cheers for toddler-hood

Why do kids grow so fast! Seriously? It seems like just the other day I was pregnant, and now, well I'm chasing a hyper 2 year old all around the house, trying to prevent his next "accident". Toddler hood is great, but it's also messy, and difficult, and frustrating. Did I mention messy? It's hard work being a mommy to a toddler. Sometimes I find myself secretly wishing he would just *poof* turn right back into that little baby I used to hug and cuddle. It's rare if he lets me cuddle him anymore. He is just way to curious about his surroundings to sit on mama's lap and cuddle.
It's true, babies are sweet and cuddly, and I miss having a baby like crazy, but compared to the toddler version of Brandon, honestly babies are kind of boring. It's the same ole routine. Eat, sleep, cry, poop. Eat, sleep, cry, poop. 

On. And. On. And. On. 
Cute, but BORRINGGG!!!

Sure, Brandon is hard-headed, annoying, and a mess making machine, but the kid's got personality!
It's never a boring day with him. I promise.

Think your day is going great? Oh nope, Brandon just spilled juice all in the bed!

Think your day is boring? Oh, Brandon thought it would be a good idea to grab his OUTDOOR rc race car and crash drive it around your bedroom with his cowboy boots on top of it.

Think your having a bad day? Brandon just said the funnest thing and put a grin on my face that goes ear to ear.

Toddler hood is kind of sort of amazing! Everyday is a mystery. Everyday is new. Sure things might go to hell every few days but isn't it worth it? Think of all the great memories we are creating? I think that makes up for the bad right? 
I can tell you one thing, when this stage of his life passes i'm going to really, truly miss it.
Even the little things, like how he creates his own little words when he can't pronounce something properly.

Apples became Babbles
Cookies became Da-tees
Bath became Bap
My brother David became Uncle "Babott"
Cars became Coys
And stick for some odd reason became dick. (I know how terrible embarrassing!)

Surely those cute little names have changed me forever. I will probably never be able to call those things by their real names now. And David, well he will always and forever be uncle Babott in our eyes!

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish he could stay a toddler forever, but then again, that's what I said about the baby stage. Who knows what the preschool stage holds in store for us, but I'm sure it will steal our hearts once again.
Cheers to toddler-hood!!!


  1. Lol i love our little monkey "mamma! There it is a dick (stick)" lol

  2. Yeah, It's pretty funny. People probably think he really means "dick"!