Saturday, November 12, 2011

The terrible, no good, very very bad week

This week has been terrible!
It's just been one thing after another.

My dad asked me a few days ago "You know what you call it when you have bad luck?" 
I replied with "Nope".
"Life." He said.

Well folks I assure you, plenty of "life" has happened to me this week.

Like first, my husband Gabe was suppose to go take me to school so I could find out find out how to take my THEA test to enroll into college. But he got out late from and I had to postpone going until Friday. Making me a whole week behind schedule!

Then I had to remove that stupid gauze from the gaping hole in my chest. I think that one screams BAD LUCK!!!

Oh yeah and don't forget, one of my favorite aquarium pets died. My snail! He was so cool. R.I.P Speedy!

Then after Speedy died, my aquarium filter stopped working! Now I'll be lucky if any of my fish live since I can't buy a new filter until tomorrow. GRRRR!!!!

I don't know if this one counts as "bad luck" but it sure does add to my list of annoyances. Three words.

Oh yes, and of course today tops the list of worst luck ever!

Some idiot decided to park right behind my driveway, right when I needed to pull out. Keep in mind that I have a huge metal fence on both sides of my driveway, meaning I have a teeny bit of space as it is to back out, plus I had two cars parked on the curb right by my driveway along with the huge diesel truck parked behind me  exit as well. Oh and telephone pole right on my side too. Long story short, I could not get out and managed to scrape the side of my car on the telephone pole while I was trying to back out. Now I have a dented front bumper.

Oh and the guy with the big diesel truck? Well he was standing outside laughing at me. What. A. Jerk!

All I have to say is, Thank God for my amazing parents for cheering up and making some wicked good margaritas!


  1. Wow, sounds like an awful time! At least all the bad stuff is out of the way and now only good things can happen... That's what I tell myself after a bad week anyway.

  2. I was thinking the same thing :) Great minds think alike!

  3. Hoping for a better week for you. So sorry about your snail. :( I passed along a blog award to you on my blog. I hope you accept. :)