Friday, November 11, 2011

Why betta's make awesome pets!

So one can assume that I am completely in love with Betta fish. Sure my husband thinks I'm crazy. And yes all my friends think I'm weird, but seriously, these little creatures are amazing!

I own 2 lovely males at the moment. Let me introduce you to them.

This is my Halfmoon double-tail butterfly betta.
His name is Whisp.

And this little fellow is my crown-tail Betta. I rescued him from 
fishy hell. A.K.A Walmart. 
His name is Spike.

(Here's the part where I give you some reasons why Betta's are the best pets ever!)

1. They won't annoy you.
Ever had a pet dog? Yeah, the barking can drive you nuts.
Not to mention sometimes it can be dangerous to leave dogs with young children.

2. They don't make messes.
If you have children, you probably don't want any extra messes around.
Cats can scratch your furniture, pee and poo on your rug, and knock stuff over.
But Betta's? They are super clean!

3.They have personality!
Betta's are not like other fish that swim away when you get near the glass.
This little guys will swim up to you can do a little dance for food.
No two Betta's are alike. Some are super active, some are chill, others are lovable, and some are bullies.

4. Food is cheap!
Has anyone seen how pricey dog food is these days??
Betta food come in a little jar for about 3 bucks and will last you about a year!
That sounds like a bargain to me!

5. They are super hardy fish!
They can survive even the most harshest conditions.
I'm not recommending you to keep them in those teeny little bowls, but
they are easy to keep alive for the first time fish keepers out there.

6. Feeding them is fun!
As soon as they see that little jar of food, they start wagging
 their fins and begging for food.

7. So many colors
There are so many different colors everyone will have fun picking
 one of these little guys home with them.

8. It's so relaxing to watch them
If you're having a stressful day, like most moms out there, watching a Betta swim
around the tank is proven to lower your heart rate and help you relax.

9. You don't have to worry about leaving for the weekend.
These fish can go a few days without eating, so you can go on vacation for the weekend
and not have to worry at all

10. Kids LOVE to watch them.
If this isn't a good enough reason to buy one, I don't know what is.
Kids absolutely love watching these colorful beauty swim around.
My son Brandon begs me to let him feed the fish everyday, so it teaches him responsibility
at a young age too!

If so just keep in mind these little creatures need at least 2 gallons of water, despite what the pet store people tell you. They are NOT happy living in a teeny cup. They also will need a heater to keep there water warm because they are tropical fish.

So are you convinced to buy one yet?
*Big smile*


  1. We just got a Betta a few weeks ago. :)

  2. Awesome! They are so beautiful right!!

  3. Your two are so pretty! I was thinking of getting a fish for my daughter for her birthday, she's is obsessed with looking at all the fish in the pet store.