Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A grumpy girl, and a WAY to early morning

Why oh why are mornings so dreadful? Someone please poor me a cup of coffee. God knows I need it!

So after a long and miserable night of nursing the incision on my chest, i finally found some sleep. It seems like when I just got comfortable, the light started shinning through my window. At 6:30! Seriously? I HATE this time change!
Along with the sun,
the neighbors annoying yapping dog starts barking outside my window.
Along with the yapping dog,
 Brandon starts to wake up. 
There goes all hope of sleep....Brandon's awake. Here come the demands.

I don't mean to be so "negative" but good grief, I've been lacking sleep all week!!!
I'm just going to get some coffee, and shake off my sleepy/bad/miserable mood, and make myself have a wonderful day with my little family. We all know us moms are experts at forgetting the bad stuff.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


  1. I hear ya girl! Thank goodness for coffee and cute kids, right?! Hope you're having a better day...thanks for the follow!

  2. Amen to that! And your very welcome :)

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