Monday, November 7, 2011

A trip to the doctor.

So turns out my little trip to the Dermatologist was defiantly NOT a vacation.
But I'm happy to report that my wonderful husband took Brandon out today, and is taking over all the household chores. Oh how I love him!
Anyways, I think I'll share my little "vacation" story with everyone.
Please keep in mind i'm still a little woozy. I apologize in advance if this post is all over the place.

Here is how the story goes....
I walk into the dermatologist's office only to find out they don't talk walk in appointments.
What? When did they change this policy?
I had been going to that doctor for years and all of a sudden they change it?
Complete bummer.
Then a little light showed at the end of the tunnel. The lady at the desk said the Texas Med. Clinic next door would take me.
Little did I know, I should of ran screaming!
I stopped by Texas Med Clinic, filled out my papers, and sat down in the waiting room.

And waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Then a glimmer of hope! They called me in the back!!!
This is it!! This is it finally!
Oh, never mind they just wanted my blood pressure and temperature.
Great. Just great.
Back out to the lobby.

*add an half an hour of waiting here*

Then they finally call me to see the doctor.
(I failed to mention this before, but the reason for my visit was i had a huge acne cyst on my chest that needed to be removed.)
The doctor took a look at me, and started the procedure I had been dreading.

All week I was in-visioning this moment as a black and white horror film!! Ugh!!

He grabbed that "numbing" needed and stabbed in into my super sore, infected cyst and filled it with medication that made my skin burn like fire! I promise you it took every ounce of my strength to keep from slapping that doctor silly. It hurt like hell. The chest is a sensitive area after all. Then after it was numb he made an incision and squeezed out all the the puss and infection. Ewwww!! I almost vomited.
I didn't speak a word on the way home.

Moral of the story?? Run from doctors! Just kidding, just kidding!
The moral is, don't wait 5 years to fix an infected pore. That's why it got so big.
Turns out my vacation time was a total torture session. Bummer.
I am looking forward to the rest of the night off of mommy duty while I heal.
Hope everyone had a better day then I did!

PS- Just as I published this post I read my "God wants you know" app on facbook and this is what it said....
If you focus on the bad, you will see a 'bad' world. If you focus on the good, you will see goodness. Choose your focus carefully. 

This must be a sign I need to cheer up and be positive!!


  1. How ironic that I found you from MBC. Today I wrote a post on the subject of Acne. Take a look:)

  2. That was definitely NOT a vacation. Glad you survived to tell the tale!


  3. Oh my! That sounds so crazy. I could not even imagine. So sorry!