Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 things you should know (Brandon Edition)

Today was a shopping day here at the Rubio house.
Christmas shopping, Clothes shopping, and Craft shopping.
That's to much shopping for this gal.
I'm pooped.
So while I'm being lazy taking a break from writing,
enjoy my list of things to know about the monkey.

10 things you should know about the monkey

1. He is obsessed with trains.
No kidding! My parents live by the railroad tracks, and if he hears that horn blow
you WILL bring him outside to see it. Even if it's 40 degrees outside and you are in your underwear!

2. He honestly thinks he is Curious George.
He has memorized every single line from probably 40 episodes and repeats them daily.
Not to mention he goes around the house saying "ooo ahh!" all day long.

3. He can't stand being dirty.
If a single speck of food/stickiness/sand gets on his hand,
you better have the wipes ready or he is wiping it on your brand new white shirt.

4. He thinks there are dinosaurs hidden in our bathroom at night.
Sometimes when he gets mad, he will tell me the dinosaurs are going to eat me.

5. He thinks he is a wrestler.
He's pretty good at body slamming my brother.

6. He likes to vacuum.
He will through an absolute fit, if I don't let him turn the vacuum on when it's time to clean.
He also insists on holding the cord for me.
Can you say clean freak?

7. He is sneaky.
He will find candy and hide it from me so he can snack on it when I'm not looking.

8. He is a safety hazard.
He leave metal air planes on the floor at night,
 just waiting to see if I will trip over them and break my neck.

9. He is a mama's boy.
He loves to cuddle with me, and steal me away from daddy.

10. He is extremely indecisive.
He's the only kid I know that will through a fit BEFORE and AFTER a bath.
First because he doesn't want to get in,
and after because he doesn't want to get out.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about this monkey of mine.
Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Nice to meet you Monkey. Just thought I would share that these awesome qualities will never go away!

    Miss Safety hazard
    from http://meowwzie.blogspot.com/

  2. OMG Viki! Natalie And Brandon are exactly ALIKE!!!! The only difference is shes a girl. I thought she was the only kid that hates being dirty. If she gets a little something on her shirt she HAS to change it. Anyways Brandon has gotten so biggg! I remember when you were pregnant with him, I cannot believe its been 3 yrs!