Monday, December 5, 2011

A few things of interest.

The weather is cold outside...kind of. I do live in Texas after all.
I should be sipping on some hot coca with yummy marshmallows,
but instead I'm warming my toes by the computer (or rather wasting time).

Tonight's plans include a date with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part.2
(Gabriel couldn't resist buying it at target earlier.)
I really wanted Sushi for dinner, but stupid H.E.B does't have it in stock.
Dang it! There goes my lazy dinner meal!

The monkey is being fairly good today.
Minus the fact he ran off with my water conditioner for my fish tank and hid it!
He thinks he's funny! Silly kid.

Cold days seem to inspire me to try new creative things,
so here are a few ideas that I found on the web.
I can't wait to try them out. 
You should give them a try as well!

1. Duct-tape Wallets.
They are just too cute and look like tons of fun to make.

2. Cute hair clips.
 They look so easy to make. Plus I'm kind of a
headband freak so clips would be a nice change.

3.Button Necklaces.
Okay I'm a sucker for hand made jewelry, but I think
this is just fabulous!

I hope you find these ideas as inspiring as I did.
Now the only problem is getting out to the craft store to get supplies in this cold wind.
Have a happy (warm) Monday!


  1. Lucky for e, I live 3 blocks away from my town's craft store! But, yeah I agree. It is fairly cold now and I rather sit in bed, with my blankets, and a nice cup of marshmallow hot cocoa. Hope you guys stay nice and warm. Oh, and enjoy watching HapPt.2

    Mary from

  2. Mmm, hot cocoa and sushi sound so good right about now. Well, maybe not together. LOL! Those duct tape wallets look cool.

  3. Lovely items! Have fun watching Harry Potter ... it's so good!!!

  4. Love the button necklaces!! I actually bought teh materials to make one today!