Sunday, December 4, 2011

Opinions please!

I've been on the search for a new bag,
and I think I found one...or two that I really like but can't decide on.

Here is my dilemma...
I were a lot of black, but I don't want a black purse, I want a brown.
Does black match with a brown purse?
Maybe I'm thinking to hard?

Anyway....Here are my two choices

I find the owl purse so adorable.
(It doesn't look so evil in real life I promise)

So please help me out and tell me which one you like better!!!


  1. I don't really like wearing black with a brown bag. If you didn't want black, but still a neutral colour you could get a more blonde tone.

  2. Well at least I know I'm not just crazy!!
    I did end up getting a brown purse but I kept my black one for the days I wear black. Thanks for the advice Rebecca!

  3. I know the owl was so cute Courtney!
    I ended up getting the fox one though.

  4. Oh My God. I need that purse. I love it! Great find!


  5. i like the purse better!! please tell me where i can buy it! i want it!