Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flea Market Finds

It's was a great day for exploring the flea market.
Even though my mom insisted I didn't need a jacket and I froze my buns off the entire time.
 I found two super cute things I couldn't wait to share with everyone!

Excuse my horrible photos, the lighting is really bad but I was
too excited and just couldn't wait for some decent daylight...

Here are my two fabulous finds...
Yes, I might have a slight addiction to collecting pigs.

A "Cookie Bank" Piggy
for $22.

And a super cute piggy hook for only $1

Not a bad deal.
Considering I love piggies so much.
My cookie bank piggy has already found herself a nice new home
with some new friends.

Now if only I could get my hands on a real piggy one day,
I could be the coolest girl in town.
Can't you just imagine me walking down the street with my awesome new pet?


  1. OMG I have the same pig with the crown! My grandma got it for me two christmas's ago! I lovvvve it :) And those were some pretty awesome finds!

  2. Haha I love your collection Viki! Piggies! really cute...

  3. Cherry you should see my bedroom I have even more piggies around lol