Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Official..

Brandon had his first sleep over.
Kind of.
One of my best friends from high school came over to our house for a girls night
and she brought over her little girl Hailey.
Brandon had a blast.

They jumped on the bed, made horrible screeching yelling noises, and
pretty much took out every single toy out of Brandon's toy box and
spread them out all over our living room.

Pure toddler heaven.

Did I mention they spotted my secret candy stash?
You can imagine what kind of craziness that caused.

Apparently Brandon gets really jelous when I started taking photos of Hailey, so suddenly he became a camera hog.

Then when he saw Hailey having her hair brushed, he decided to give it a whirl too...

Oh yeah, and don't forget, Brandon just loves to show off his funny faces to pretty girls!

Brandon had a pretty exciting day. Waking up with his new friend and playing all day really tired him out.
I hadn't seen him this close to a nap in a while.
It was such a pleasant sight.

Brandon's first sleep over was a success. Although it was not really about him.
Us girls had a great time laughing and talking too.
Life is good.

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  1. Your baby boy is so adorable indeed. I guess i'll be seeing him grow up through this blog. :)