Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monkey's big surprise!

Last weekend our family was blessed with a almost completely new swing set from a friend of my mother in law. It took us by surprise because we really wanted to buy a similar swing set from Brandon but just couldn't find the money to do so. Swing sets run pretty expensive these days. We were all so happy and excited when we heard the news.

Gabriel and and I got to work setting this baby up on Sunday night while Brandon was fast asleep. We wanted it to be a surprise. Let me just say, setting this thing up in the dark was not so much fun. Gabe lost some bolts and nuts in the grass but we managed to get it all together properly....and when i say "we" I really mean HE. :)
Anyway, so we set it all up and Brandon was so surprised!! I can't believe how blessed we are to receive this awesome swing set.

Now our little monkey can have lots of fun in the backyard.

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