Friday, October 28, 2011

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails

Little boys are amazing little creatures aren't they?  Now that I'm a mom to my very own little boy, I thought I would share some of the information Brandon has taught me about raising boys so far.

1. Somehow little boys will ALWAYS manage to get dirty when going outside. Even if it's only been five minutes since you let them out.

2. Forget about having a clean car. He will bring a new toy along with him for every ride until your entire vehicle looks like an utter disaster!

3. You will always find new bumps, bruises and cuts on him. Boys injure themselves more than you could ever think possible. Heck, YOU might even get some of those bumps and bruises from him trying to body slam you in bed while your trying to sleep.

4. NEVER serve a little boy food if he is unsupervised! He will, I repeat, WILL smear food all over your freshly cleaned carpet, or furniture. OR WORSE, hide it behind the bed for you to find a month later after it's all rotten and smelly.

5. Little boys will always find farting hilarious. Even when it's in the most embarrassing public places.

6. Just go ahead and assume when you are cleaning out you little guys pockets, you are going to find a collection of rocks, bugs, dirt, or sand.

7. No matter how hard you try to hide any sugary treats, he WILL find it. I guarantee it!

8. If you are busy working on something, and all of a sudden the house becomes really quiet. He is defiantly up to no good!

9. He will at some point leave the traffic cones to his hot wheels set scattered all over the floor, just waiting for you  to step on and break your neck.

10.Get used to messes! As soon as you clean the house, it is certain that he will bring out the messiest toy he can find.

11. I don't care how careful or watchful you are. At one point in his life, you WILL catch him trying to stick his hands in the toilet!

12. Prepare for tantrum galore! Even if it's over something ridiculous! Like pretending to steal his nose.

13. Never turn your back on him. He will find a permanent marker somehow (no matter how great you hid it) and scribble all over your walls, so bad in fact that you have to repaint!

14. Little boys will always steal your heart. They are the stubbornest, dirtiest, cutest little creatures to ever walk the earth! And everyone loves them!!

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